February 3, 2017
Winnipeg New Music Festival
Charles Curtis with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Alexander Mickelthwate directing
May 31, 2015
AngelicA Festival, Bologna
Charles Curtis with the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Maestro Ilan Volkov directing
May 3, 2015
Tectonics Glasgow (premiere)
Charles Curtis with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Ilan Volkov directing


Commissioned by Charles Curtis with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts


“The quality of the orchestral writing was astonishing, and the beautiful piece an unexpected highlight of the festival.” – TEMPO, 2015


This concerto came together as an homage to the Sicilian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini, and attempts to reconcile the extraverted, romantic character of an orchestra with Charles Curtis’ introverted performance practice. Taking as its source material Trallallera, an Italian folksong performed by Maria Carta, I transcribed Carta’s performance with painstaking accuracy, to maintain her vibrancy and constant striving/soaring to the top of the phrase. Stripped of its context, I then harmonized the song, simply expanding it as a tip-of-the-hat to Bellini’s “long, long, long melodies.”

The piece is dedicated to the memory of Bob Gilmore, a man whose stories have lent meaning to our music-making. His work will continue to nourish our field for centuries to come.