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About Bach receives Juno Nomination for Classical Composition of the Year, 2019
Top-ten classical albums of 2018 by Kate Molleson in Herald Scotland (UK), December 26, 2018
“… Cassandra Miller’s music has knocked me sideways. Bold, kind-hearted, wistful, brave, simple, sophisticated… her string quartet About Bach is miraculously beautiful, with a bright, lonely violin drifting resolutely above the most gorgeous shapeshifting chorales.”
Review by Andrew Clements in The Guardian (UK), August 23, 2018
“Cassandra Miller: Just So; O Zomer! CD review — profoundly haunting — 4 stars”
Review by Stuart Broomer in The WholeNote #24:3 (Canada), November 1, 2018
“… varied works that possess a rare, original lyricism, in which traditional materials are fragmented and recast…”
Review by John Eyles in All About Jazz (USA), October 16, 2018
“Taken together, the two albums illustrate exactly why Miller has been honoured and heard around the globe… History has been made.”
Review by Brian Olewnick in Just outside (USA), September 12, 2018
“It’s an immensely satisfying, soft kind of almost-lullaby, a fine ending to a superb recording.”
Review by Ben Harper in Boring Like A Drill, August 27, 2018
“The effect is sublime at first and then strangely affecting as the elegaic implications of the music embed themselves in the consciousness, the harmonics continuing unperturbed by the cadences below… Quatuor Bozzini make the fiendish technical requirements of playing this piece with finesse all but invisible.”
Review by Marc Medwin in Dusted Magazine (USA), August 21, 2018
“It could be that sense of temporal redefinition, or abnegation, that sets Miller’s music apart. She does it so well; just listen to the nearly 25 minutes of About Bach to hear it in full effect… Quatuor Bozzini was a stellar choice; their long relationship with the composer, and their ability to make every swell and timbral juxtaposition count in music where they are paramount, renders their interpretations second to none.”