“sweet, slightly surreal music” –New York Times
“absolutely fascinating” –Alex Ross
“arresting” –The Guardian
“astonishing, and the beautiful piece an unexpected highlight of the festival” –TEMPO
“the wryness of Samuel Beckett in combination with the whimsy of Italo Calvino” –Musicworks
“the complexity and richness of her finest work… does indeed allow us to hear and feel in new ways” –TEMPO


Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a Canadian composer of chamber and orchestral music, currently living in the north of England. For the last few years, my compositions have explored the transcription of pre-existing music (often vocal) as a way to translate its musicality/vocality into another experience. I’ve also been interested in what I call “iconic directions” – that is, music that goes up, music that goes down, sometimes music that goes back and forth. My present work also involves direct and personal collaboration with a wide international network of solo musicians, as well as ensembles and orchestras.

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My academic cv is available here: curriculum vitae
A text file of my biography is here: bio (short, long, and very long versions)
Hi-res photos are here – please credit photographer Andrew Parker: zip folder for download


You can reach me here: cm@cassandramillermusic.ca